Housekeeping 3/20/22

Those who read my column regularly know that I keep you well informed on what is going on in our parishes including the reasons why we are doing what we are doing. I do this periodically but also give spiritual reflections as space allows. This week is a list of explanations.

First, a warning about a recent text scam. We recently had two people who have their names and cell phone numbers listed in our parish bulletins who had attempted scams. This type of scam has been going on for several years. Their contact information is taken from the parish bulletin or website. The scammer uses this information to send a text message making it look like it is coming from their parish priest such as the following: “(Name), I need a favor from you. Please text me back as soon as possible. Fr. Brian Simon” The scammer then requests that the parishioner buy $300 gift cards, etc. so that the priest can use them for somebody in need. There is no chance I or any other priest would ever do this because we have various ways of handling a request for help without involving an individual parishioner.

Second, I am receiving requests for the Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers to use hand sanitizer before distributing Communion. For the most part, they are doing this. It should be used but not in the sanctuary if at all possible since is not an approved liturgical action and certainly not on the Altar which is not a table. In Sacred Heart Church we have it up front in the corners of the outside aisles where everybody could see it being used if they are concerned. In St. Pius X Church we have it on the credence table (Altar servers' table) due to limited space.

I am providing our Holy Week and Easter Liturgy schedule in our parish bulletin columns. You may notice some changes from previous years. I am only making the changes as I understand are liturgically required. For instance, an individual priest is to celebrate only one Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday. Also, the Easter Vigil fire is required to be outdoors at night fall if possible. I will do this weather permitting. We will also use congregational candles at the Easter Vigil.

The Mass attendance survey continues through March 27.

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Published on  August 29th, 2023

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