November 28, 2021

I hope you had a happy and restful Thanksgiving. We had a good turnout of parishioners at our Masses Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. It’s the best way to start Thanksgiving by giving thanks to God first!

I got to get out pheasant hunting for a couple hours this Saturday with my family’s hunting party. I got my limit of three roosters walking through one slough (if you count the one I hit hard and couldn’t find). It’s been a strange year of hunting, about like the past year in general. Usually, I was doing good if I bagged one rooster per day. We also pushed out two does and a buck deer. When I saw the buck, I said, “That’s not a buck. It’s half a buck!” (It had one-half of a rack of horns.)

At the start of this Advent season, we begin our wait with hopeful expectation of the coming of the Lord. On the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception December 8 (a Holy Day of Obligation) we celebrate with expectation the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary immaculately conceived in her mother Ann’s womb. In a normal year on the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe December 12 we celebrate our Lady appearing to Juan Diego as being pregnant with the Child Jesus in Mexico; thus, awaiting the coming of Jesus to the New World!

This year it’s on a Sunday. Pray that Jesus may come to you in a new and wonderfully surprising way by praying, “Come Lord Jesus.”

I am available to go on a pilgrimage to March for Life in Washington, D.C. The diocese bus is about one-half full with high school youth and any adults who want to go. We can sign up and go with them January 19 - 23, 2021, or I can lead an extended pilgrimage as I did with a bus load in 2006. We have a few people interested. Let me know before the diocese deadline of December 13 or before their bus fills if you are interested in going one way or another.

November 21

November 21

Fr. Simon's Happenings: I was gone this past week hunting pheasants in the Claremont area or at least tried! We didn’t decrease the population by much. What worked best was to let the farmers combining corn do the work. They enjoyed watching us at the ends of their fields!



November 14

November 14

Fr. Simon's Happenings: I will be gone this Sunday night and return this Friday night hunting pheasants in the Claremont area or at least try again! I wasn’t able to even get a shot off two weeks ago when I hunted two days there with our small group.

Gregorian Masses for a Poor Soul: As popularized by Pope St. Gregory the Great, these are a series of thirty (30) Masses offered consecutively for thirty days for the repose of the soul of an individual departed person. According to this pious belief the individual soul, if in Purgatory, immediately goes to heaven after the completion of these Holy Masses. The Sacred Congregation on Indulgences has declared that "the offering of Gregorian Masses has a special efficacy for obtaining from God the speedy deliverance of a suffering soul, and that this is a pious and reasonable belief of the faithful." This devotion is due to Pope St. Gregory the Great writing in his fourth book Dialogues about when he was an abbot prior to being Pope, fearing that a certain monk may have to spend a long time suffering in purgatory, had thirty Masses offered for him, one each day consecutively, for thirty days. On the thirtieth day he appeared to a brother monk to tell him he was freed from Purgatory due to the thirty Masses offered for the repose of his soul. These Masses do not have to be offered by the same priest, but the priest is making a serious obligation by accepting the Gregorian Mass stipend to successfully accomplish this whether or not he is able to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on any scheduled day. He will have to have at least one backup priest ready on any given day to avoid interruption. Failure to do this means restarting the series of Masses. A web search will provide offers of this service or you can contact Fr. Brian Simon. Arrangements can be made to have Gregorian Masses offered for oneself after death upon notification by a survivor as directed. This direction can be in important papers to be read after one's death or stated in one's Last Will & Testament.

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Published on  July 6th, 2022

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