YFF Conclusion for 2021-22 Academic Year

Youth Faith Formation (YFF) Big Thank You!: We have finished out our first YFF Parish Missions for this school year! We had a rough start of it, but we had to make some quick decisions and changes in Sacred Heart Parish with a restart, and so, for some consistency between parishes and my messaging, we made some changes in St. Pius X Parish also. Some people said they didn’t need any changes, but based on my experience in several parishes, if I make some changes in one parish that parishioners from other linked parishes like, they will complain that their other parish is neglected. This all was a challenge, but overall, our YFF Missions were a greatsuccess. We eventually filled all of our catechist and other volunteer positions. Also, we had over 80 percent attendance in both parishes with many compliments. Of course, we have more time for better planning now and based on requests for changes, more time to work on making some adjustments. With all of this, I owe a very big thank you to ourstaff, our volunteer catechists and theirsubstitutes, YFF coordinators and other volunteers, parents, grandparents, and young disciples for making the adjustments or at least trying to. It really was a great year. We look forward to an even better one next year. Please consider your involvement for next year as an opportunity to serve our Lord by serving His children! Our YFF Parish Missions continue with Summer YFF (formerly VBS) May 31st - June 3 rd . Sacred Heart Parish volunteers are taking the lead while welcoming volunteers and children from St. Pius X Parish. New this year will be Youth Nights on the same dates! See our parish pages in this bulletin for more information.

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

In thanksgiving, we wish all mothers a blessed and happy day. We also pray for our deceased mothers. We remember and give thanks for our spiritual mothers - Holy Mother Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church as well as Holy Mother Church! People who have a personal relationship with the Blessed Mother are blessed themselves! Consider praying for this gift and foster it with Maria devotions.

Are we going to have the River Mass? Of course, this has been a concern of many people since I arrived. I took my time to listen to various concerns. I plan on always having the 6:30 p.m. Saturday evening Sunday Vigil Mass available in Sacred Heart Church as a parish Mass. Since the Catholic Church requires weekend Mass attendance, I believe every parish priest should provide one Saturday evening Sunday Vigil option as consistently as possible in a parish church. The River Mass is a Mass of convenience and accommodation for people of various parishes in that area which is larger than many towns during the summer. This Mass was originally at 8:15 p.m. I would like to go back to that and try it. The timing might be tight at times, but it should generally work and the wind should go down by then. I will provide as much notification that I can if there has to be a time change or cancellation. One possibility is when there is a substitute priest. It will be up to that priest as to whether they can do it. We will start Memorial Weekend, Saturday evening, May 28 th at 8:15 p.m. The ending date is generally the beginning of August. The specific date is to be determined.

The Catholic Home Missions Appeal is an annual collection to benefit Catholic dioceses in the United States that cannot afford their annual needs. It is normally taken at the end of April. I have giving envelopes available in our church pews and gathering spaces. Please use them the next couple weeks and place your contribution in the regular Sunday collections. Thank you.

May 1, 2022

Holy Week & Easter Thank You!: I thank all of you for helping with the Holy Week and Easter liturgies in both parishes, and everyone who came to participate to make it a truly blessed week with wonderful celebrations! I thank you for your cards, gifts, and Easter well wishes!

Divine Mercy Sunday Thanks: I thank those of you who were able to come to help celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, holy hours, and confessions. We had the best turnout I have ever had for Divine Mercy weekend confessions, about 1.5 hours constant stream in total. The last time penitents went to confession was from one-half day to 50 years! It was so wonderful to see God’s Mercy at work when you took advantage of this one weekend to go to confession and receive Holy Communion a removal of all sin and all punishment due to sin, “a second baptism” only available this one weekend per year. I look forward to celebrating it next year with you! Pray for Ordinations!: Our diocese ordination to the priesthood is May 27 at 11:00 am. Join us via livestream to watch three men be ordained by Bishop Donald DeGrood. You can find the link to the livestream at www.sfcatholic.org.

Blessing & Conferral of the Brown Scapular: Traditionally, priests have enrolled First Communicants in the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. I do this after the Final Blessing of the First Communion Mass. You can search information online about this Catholic sacramental. Nobody has to wear one, but if they so choose later in life and in order to benefit from the private revelation promises, they have to have been enrolled.

“BISHOP’S CHARITY FISHING TOURNAMENTS” Don’t fish? Join usfor Mass celebrated byBishop DeGrood), social hour and prime rib dinner following the above mentioned tournaments. Call us at 605-988-3765 or go to https://ccfesd.org/events.

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Published on  May 9th, 2022

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