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Pre-Marriage Preparation
1. All couples are required to take part in an approved pre-marriage program offered through the parish, another parish, the Sioux Falls Diocese or another approved alternative.
2. Contact the parish priest at least 6 months prior to the desired wedding date. NOTE: NO wedding date can be approved UNTIL the actual marriage preparation had begun. Reserving a possible date does NOT INSURE the wedding will actually take place on that day until and unless the preparation process has begun.
3. In cases where one or both parties have had a previous marriage please arrange a meeting with the priest well in advance of any marriage date in case an annulment or other process is needed.
4. The marriage preparation process has three steps:
   1. Group preparation: attendance at either an Engaged Encounter weekend – for which a couple registers themselves OR theSioux Falls Marriage Preparation Classes which are held in various locations around the Diocese.
   2. Taking a Pre-Marriage instrument. We use the Pre-Marriage Inventory Profile and the Re-Marriage Inventory Profile. Thisis reviewed with the couple by the priest and then a Sponsor Couple will work with the couple.
   3. Paperwork (1 or 2 forms) and the Ceremony Planning. Excluding the group preparation – plan on 7-8 parish sessions.

5. Baptism Records are required for both parties regardless of their religious affiliation. Catholic must obtain a NEW baptismal certificate from the church of their baptism.CostsREGISTERED PARISHIONERS................................................................No Mandated FeeIt is customary to offer a gift to the parish for services rendered during marriage preparation, rehearsal and wedding. Registered parishioners include children living at home and still in school. Once they graduate, get a job, move out of the house, etc.they need to register as a separate household.NON-REGISTERED COUPLES – Use of Church ONLY.......................................................$200This fee covers the USE of the CHURCH and associated rooms only. This presumes the marriage preparation will be done atanother parish and that another priest will be presiding at the wedding.NON-REGISTERED COUPLES – Pastor Officiates & Couple Use Church.........................................$300This fee covers the USE of the CHURCH and associated rooms only. This presumes the marriage preparation will be done atanother parish and that another priest will be presiding at the wedding.NON-REGISTERED COUPLES – Full Services...............................................................$400This fee covers the cost of marriage preparation by the pastor, rehearsal, use of the church and associated rooms and thepastor doing the ceremony.In no way do these costs cover the use of parish facilities for a rehearsal dinner, reception or other activities.Times of Weddings1. On Saturday’s• With a Mass..................................................................................3:00 pm,• Without a Mass ...............................................................................3:30 pm.• No Saturday evening weddings are allowed after the Masses for Sunday have begun. This is by diocesan mandate.2. Friday evenings or other times – starting time to be negotiated with the parish priest.Times of Rehearsals1. Normally the evening before the day of the wedding OR an alternate time would be the morning of the wedding.2. Rehearsal time is negotiated with the priest doing the service.3. Please ask every one to be ON TIME for the rehearsal. Who Should be at the RehearsalEVERYONE who has a role within the wedding.• Parents and Step-Parents• Wedding party – all attendants, flower girl, ring bearer• Ushers (all of them!) and Scripture Readers• Musicians & soloists (unless they are from Risen Savior)Alcohol/DrugsConsumption of alcohol or the use of illegal drugs is prohibited on parish grounds by anyone who is part of the wedding.Late Changes in the Wedding ServiceCouples are given a Wedding Planning Guide for the type of wedding they will have (Mass or Scripture Service). The priest reviews and approves of the Order of Service in a meeting with the couple prior to the wedding.Once this approval is given NO CHANGES to the service may occur without the specific permission of the priest doing theservice. This means you may not slip in an extra song, change music or in any way alter the order of service. No changes to the orderof service will be approved at the rehearsal.Decorating the Church1. Contact the parish office at 765-2161to check when you can come and decorate the church. Usually the church is available byby noon on Friday – unless there is a funeral.2. Moving the furniture (altar, pulpit, chair, etc.) in the sanctuary is NOT allowed.3. If seasonal decorations are in the church they cannot be removed without the specific permission of the pastor. The norm is – what is there STAYS!Examples of this are:• During Advent the Advent Wreath is in the sanctuary,• During Christmas the crib, tree and flowers are there,• During Lent there is usually a display in front of the altar,• There may be other decorations present for various special LITURGICAL occasions.•Single flower arrangements can be removed.4. Seasonal banners, pulpit frontals, etc. which are used in the church are normally NOT changed for Weddings.5. The church does NOT have Candelabra or a Unity Candle stand. These need to be provided by the couple. Any candelabra used meet our Fire Insurance regulations. These include:• Candles with an open flame MUST have a globe enclosing flame.• All candles holders must contain any wax which may drip from the candles so it does not reach the floor or other surfaces.• Under NO circumstances are AISLE CANDLES or any candles allowed in the congregation seating area.• All candles holders and stands must be sturdy enough to withstand being bumped without tipping over.6. Just because a bridal shop offers it does not mean its use is allowed – such as arches and trellises. Always clear an item with thepriest before you rent it.7. If bringing in outside instruments (harp, piano, etc.) the placement of music stands, microphones, etc. by the choir area may NOTBE ALTERED. That means you may not move or remove these items EVER! This has happened in the past and completely messedup our sound system for Sunday services.Decorum During Picture Taking1. Please remember you are in a CHURCH not the local bar.2. At Sacred Heart Church the Blessed Sacrament is reserved in the church Tabernacle.3. No horseplay, children running wild, inappropriate storytelling or unnecessary talking or yelling.NO FOOD or BEVERAGES are allowed in the church – including bottled water – EVER! Our parish hall is available for your use for snacks or visiting.4. Don’t throw trash on the floor or pews – kleenex, disposable camera wrappers, etc. – in the church. Please place in a trash can. Cleaning Up1. Our maintenance staff will clean the church, hall, bride’s and groom’s rooms prior to the rehearsal and wedding.2. Please clean up after yourselves. If you have lunch in the hall – place trash in receptacles, wash off tables that are dirty.In the groom’s and bride’s dressing areas throw away trash or unwanted items.3. After the wedding remove ALL items you brought. Every thing must leave with you after the wedding. This includes: all food,decorations, clothing items, gifts, cameras, etc. The parish is not responsible for any items left behind or lost.4. Ushers are asked to help cleanup the church after the service.Flower Girl and Ring Bearer1. ONLY ONE Flower Girl and ONE Ring Bearer are allowed.2. MINIMUM AGE: they must be KINDERGARTEN or older.3. Don’t even ask for younger children – no matter how cute they are.Throwing Things & ‘Decorating’the Couple’s Vehicle1. No REAL rose petals in church – they stain the carpet.2. No bird seed or rice may be thrown on church property.3. Bubbles and balloons are OK. For bubbles – trash receptacles should be available for the empty bottles.Balloons should be filled with helium so they leave the property. Balloons must never be released inside the church, lobby or hall.4. Any outdoor decorations or other ‘activities’ must be pre-approved by the pastor.6. Decorating or trashing the couple’s vehicle is strictly forbidden! • No windows may every be obscured or blocked.• No shoe polish, paint, shaving cream, whipped cream or other substances may be applied to the windows or car body.• Anything that does permanent damage to a vehicles finish is prohibited.•If any of this occurs – the wedding will not startuntil the car is cleaned! Music for the Wedding1. Music must be pre-approved by the priest presiding at the wedding.2. In the marriage planning guides there are times when it indicates the music used MUST be RELIGIOUS. That means it MUST mention God, the Lord or Jesus in its lyrics. None religious music can be used at other times.3. If you want ‘your song’ used at the wedding – it better be religious!4. In general, ‘classical’ music is allowed to be used at weddings.

Published on  September 5th, 2021

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